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WAPSI – Barred Rabbit Half Skin Zonked

The Barred Rabbit Half Skin Zonked makes beautiful two-toned zonkers, double bunnies, sculpins, Dahlberg divers, tarpon bunnies and bonefish...

SHOR – Imitation Jungle Cock UV-3D

This is a less expensive alternative to using real jungle cock feathers on your flies. These packs come with 5 different sizes, and 1 dozen ...

SHOR – Deer Body Combo

6 different deer hair colours.

SHOR – Bucktail Combo

A Mix of 6 Different bucktail pieces in different colours.

SHOR – Calf Tail Combo

6 different and varied colors

WAPSI – Pine Squirrel Zonker

Wapsi’s pine squirrels are soft tanned and are available both in their natural color and 13 dyed colors. Although the underfur can be used a...

WAPSI – Micro Pine Squirrel Zonker

Smaller version of the popular Squirrel Zonker strips. Only 1/16″ wide. Short dense fibers, great option for smaller patterns normally...

SHOR Finn Raccoon

Finn Raccoon is ideal for tying bass, saltwater and trout flies.Very fine and ideal for tube flies
Fl. Red
Green Highlander
Light Olive

Hareline – Magnum Tiger Barred Rabbit Strips

Cut wider than standard Rabbit Strips, these colorful barred rabbit strips are great for big streamers.

SHOR – Polar Bear

WHITE POLAR BEARTANNED SKIN Pieces 2″ X 2″ APPROXShort = 1 1/2″Medium = 2″ to 3″Long = 4″ and more

SHOR Calf Tail

Calf tail is one of the most popular products in fly tying. Using on a wide variety of patterns.Normally used for Wings and Tails

SHOR – Squirrel Tail

SHOR – SQUIRREL TAIL Common use for the squirrel tails, it is ideal for making tails and wings.Limited quantity available