The Lodge @ Pacific Rivers Outfitting Company

When we dreamed about opening the Pacific Rivers Outfitting Company store in Chilliwack, we knew it had to be more than just a place to buy things…we wanted to be a bigger part of the community, to help build the community. To help outdoor community groups find great free meeting space, to give friends a place learn new skills and catch up over a meal or a drink.

The Lodge space which makes up the front right portion of the facility, houses a space completely dedicated to you! This space is used by us for fly tying instruction, casting instruction, film nights, customer events and much more. But more importantly the space is for you. Do you have an outdoor related event? Do you have an outdoor group looking for meeting space? Do you and your friends or family just want to get together for an evening to review last seasons successes or plan for new adventures? 

Your private events can be hosted and catered by us or we can simply make the space available for your group. Email for more information and availability.