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Whiting Eurohackle Saddle

Whiting Euro Hackle Saddles are super long feathers perfect for parachutes and palmering sizes #10-14. For years Euro Saddles have been the ...

WHITING – Pro Grade Dry Fly Hackle – Midge Sizes

Midge Saddle: Long, uniform saddle hackle with 80% of the saddle providing size 18 or smaller feathers. Perfect for small mayfly and midge d...
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WHITING – Hen Cape

Whether it’s a hen cape with narrower feathers and partially webby feathers or a hen saddle with full web, Whiting Hen feathers make p...

Whiting-100 Pack

Whiting 100 packs are made with the highest standards. Only Gold Grade Whiting dry fly saddles are used to make these color and size specifi...

SHOR – Lady Amherst Center Tail

A sparse amount of Lady Amherst Center Tail Feather adds life to your steelhead and salmon flies, especially modern Intruder style patterns....

Shor Bugger Pack

Terrific value! These are the feathers from the base of the cape.Each pack includes 40 to 50 feathers, 3” to 5” long, and tie si...

HARELINE – Lady Amherst Head

Grade #1
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Whiting hen saddles have firm, resilient barbs with high barb density on a fine yet strong quill. The webby feathers are great for legs and ...
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The awesome natural colors of Hebert Miner in a longer soft hackle feather. The saddle will have slightly bigger feathers than the cape.

SHOR – Large Genetic Hen Saddle

Great for nymph collars, legs and tails as well as soft hackle flies and crawdad claws.9 colors dyed over white8 colors dyed over grizzly

Pro Sportfisher Jungle Cock Gen3


SHOR – Pheasant Amherst Head

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Used for salmon and steelhead flies– Very bright color