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SHOR – Tungsten Cone Heads

From: $9.91
The conehead design features a hidden slot that lets the hook bend slip through easierTwice as heavy as brass and even heavier than lead.Sma...

WAPSI- Tungsten Cone Head

From: $8.95
Tungsten Conehead design features a hidden slot that lets the hook bend slip through more easily. These are sold 10 per package.


With a long monofilament stem, our Ultra Eyes are handmade at our factory with glitter and UV paint for sparkle and realism. When a fly is t...

AQUA FLIES – Intruder Eyes

Aqua Flies is now offering the same dumbbell eyes we use on our Intruders and Sculpins. We are constantly asked where fly tiers can purchase...

AQUA FLIES – Conehead

Cones Brass cones designed to fit our 1.8mm Poly Tubes Sizes: 4.8mm (3/16”), 5.5mm (7/32”), 6.3mm (1/4”) Colors: Olive, Purple, King Fisher ...


Halo Eyes are hand made with a long monofilament stem, similar to Ultra Eyes. The overall eye is oval shaped with a tear drop pupil and clea...

WAPSI – Painted Cone Heads

Adding a brass or tungsten cone head to your fly is the most effective way to increase the sink rate. The tapered head design is relatively ...

WAPSI – Tungsten Beads

Tungsten beads are twice as heavy as brass and even a bit heavier than lead. If you need the extra weight to get down in fast moving water o...

SHOR Cone Heads

Small – 3/16″ (4 mm)Medium – 7/32″ (5 mm)Large – 1/4″ (6 mm)Qty : 25 per bag

Fish Skull Living Eyes


H&H – Cone Heads

Brass Coneheads perfect for adding weight and bright hot spot to any streamer pattern. 

SHOR – Lead Dumbbell Eyes Painted

These painted lead dumbbell eyes are hand painted with pupils to add more life to your patterns. The dumbbell shape allows you to attach it ...