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OROS -Strike Indicators

From: $4.50
Oros strike indicators eliminate common indicator pain points. There are no small parts to fumble and lose. It’s streamlined design is...

Drennen Piker Floats

From: $0.00
Available in a large range of sizes, this heavy duty float is great for large, deep rivers. It can be fished as a fixed or slip float.

DNE – Clear Plastic Float

Sleek clear plastic float for more subtle strike detection. 
Clear w/ Red Top

CLEARDRIFT – Big Water Series Floats

Float conversions List: 1 1/4 oz = 35 g 1 oz = 30 g  3/4 oz = 25 g 1/2 oz = 20 g  1/4 oz = 11g 1/8 oz...


Float conversions List: 1 1/2 oz = 40 g 1 1/4 oz = 35 g  1/2 oz = 20 g  1/4 oz = 11g 1/8 oz = 8 g 

DRENNAN – Float Stops

These rubber float stops hold on tight and won’t damage the line. One of the best stops available.

RAVEN – Float Stop

Small and Medium

DNE – Foam Float

DNE foam floats are made of soft, pliable polyethylene foam. The cap is colored in bright red for easy spotting. Other than the original whi...

Stillwater Strike Indicator

Foam Peg Phil Rowley style.
FL. Green
Fl. Orange
Fl. Pink
Fl. Red
FL. Yellow

DNE – Trout Float

A light foam slip float perfect for targeting trout with light gear! Comes in two different weights 6g and 8g.

DNE – Float Stoppers

DNE Stopper is your ideal solution for quickly securing your float to a fixed position of your fishing line. They come in two different colo...

CLEARDRIFT – Bobber Stoppers

CD Stops for seating a bead on to a leader  Black Float stops for setting float depth.