Peter Herman

Dec 28th - 7lb 11oz

Brian Ego

Dec 31 - 8lb 11.5oz

Tim Swanson

Jan 7th - 10lb 11oz

Ed Fogarty

Jan 19th - 12lb 6oz

Aaron Peters

Jan 20th - 5lb 1oz

Bill Reekie

Jan 22nd - 9lb 6oz

Tim Swanson (1st C&R Winner!)

Jan 20th - A lovely fish properly handled and accompanied with a great swim away video clip

Cory Fisher (C&R)

Jan 22nd - Another beauty well handled and returned.

Peter Herman

Jan 26th - 9lb 12oz

Gerry Dewar

Jan 27th - 12lb 10oz

Sam Rocha

Jan 27th - A lovely release carefully watched over by Lucious the dog.

Julian Reedel

Jan 31st - A brace, 9lb 5oz and 6lb 0oz.

Deb Drozda

Feb 2nd - 6lb 7oz

Kenny Meerkerk

Feb 3rd - 5lb 4oz

Greg Plotnikoff

Feb 5th - Another lovely wild fish properly handled and returned to continue the journey.

Stephen Ryan

Feb 6th - a brace for Stephen,10lb 9oz and 7lb 1oz

Dan Heffner

Feb 6 - A nice buck for Dan, 11lb 8oz

Keifer Gladue

Feb 6th - A beautiful doe for Keifer, 7lb 7oz

Braylon Hake

Feb 9th - Another well done catch and release.

Keifer Gladue

Feb 9th - A beautiful wild doe.

Scott Fonda

Feb 10th - a great 10lb 5oz fish for Scott!

Gerry Dewar

Feb 11th - Another sweet doe weighing in at 11lb 7oz.

Kenny Merkerk

Feb 11th - Another great no touch release of a wild buck.

Stephen Ryan

Feb 11th - A healthy release with gusto!

Keifer Glaude

Feb 11th - another C&R entry for Keifer, well done!

Peter Herman

Feb 12th - 2 excellent C&R entries for Peter this weekend!

Keifer Gladue

Feb 12th - yet another great release for Keifer!

PROC Staffer Liam

Not eligible for prizes, but a lovely fish for our very own Liam on the fly!

Petr Herman

Feb 13th - A big buck weighing in at 14lb 5oz. Nice!

Michael from Prime Lures

Feb 14th - A wild buck release for Michael.

Brittany Morely

Feb 15th - A smooth release for Brittany!

Curtis Batschkewitz

Feb 16th - a nice 9lb 9oz fish. Well done Curt!